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Advanced android connectivity status monitoring by RNetwork.

Advanced android connectivity status monitoring by RNetwork.


RNetwork is a light weight and lifecycle awared live internet connection status library based on rxnetwork and crouton.

How does another developer add this as a dependency?

STEP 1: Reference your Bintray repository into project-level build.gradle:

    allprojects {
      repositories {
        // ...
        maven { url 'https://dl.bintray.com/rrsaikat/RNetwork' }

STEP 2: Reference the library itself in your module-level build.gradle:

    implementation 'com.rezwan.knetworklib:knetworklib:1.0.3'

STEP 3: KNetwork.initialize(this) – must declare this into Application.

    class App:Application() {
        override fun onCreate() {

STEP 4: KNetwork.bind(this, lifecycle) – bind the targeted activity in which you want to show network status.

    KNetwork.bind(this, lifecycle)

Available additional methods:

*  showKNDialog() - set true for show dialog when net connection goes off.
*  setConnectivityListener() - connected, disconnected callback into activity
*  setInAnimation() - custom animation setup
*  setOutAnimation() - custom animation setup
*  setViewGroupResId() - targeted viewgroup to show network status views.

Here is the simple demonstration of this library:

Video Tutorial (Bonus) :

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